It's Not Just Jenna documentary


It's Not Just Jenna


"It’s Not Just Jenna” is a compelling 30-minute video featuring the true story of a family whose lives were changed after 16-year old Jenna Quinn revealed that she had been sexually abused by a trusted family friend. 

Youth groups, schools, churches, advocacy centers, and others are showing the documentary to raise awareness about child sexual abuse and educate on how to prevent, recognize, and report.  

In this documentary you'll meet the Quinn family and the perpetrator. The Quinn family’s willingness to share their journey will help others learn how to prevent child sexual abuse by educating them about:

· Behaviors to be aware of in adults that might indicate they pose a risk to children

· Ways sexual abusers “groom” or establish trust with children and their families 

· Possible waring signs and behaviors to be aware of in children or teens that might indicate that they are being or have been sexually abused

· Why it’s difficult for survivors of child sexual abuse to tell

· How to respond when we see behaviors in an adult, child, or teen that indicate  sexual abuse.

This documentary educates students, parents, teachers and youth-serving professionals about the broader problem of child sexual abuse and what we can do to help prevent it.